Top Glove Foundation's Approach to Environment

Top Glove Foundation's Environmental outreach initiatives encompass environmental conservation within and outside the organisation.

Under the Environment pillar, we run several projects as well as flagship events (Environmental Outreach) thoughout the year. We've helped thousands of beneficiaries through flagship initiatives such as the Mangrove Nursery and Plantation programme at Sijangkang Mangrove & Recreational Park (SMRP).

Calendar of Events

Want to join us to make a difference? Check out our calendar of events and let us know if you'd like to contribute or lend a hand to support our initiatives. For more information or to register to participate, please contact: [email protected].

Weekly Gotong Royong sessions are held every Saturday, from 9.00am until 11.00am at different locations.

Other activities are scheduled as follows:

September 2022:
1. Saturday, 3 September 2022: Mangrove Nursery & Plantation (internal)
​​​​​​​2. Saturday, 10 September 2022: Save the Forest: Mirror Lake (internal)
3. Saturday, 24 September 2022: Mangrove Nursery & Plantation (public)

October 2022:
1. Saturday, 8 October 2022: Mangrove Nursery & Plantation (internal)
2. Saturday, 15 October 2022: Save the Forest: Mirror Lake (internal)

November 2022:
1. Saturday, 5 November 2022: Mangrove Nursery & Plantation (internal)
2. Saturday, 12 November 2022: Save the Forest: Mirror Lake (internal)
3. Saturday, 26 November 2022: Mangrove Nursery & Plantation (public)

December 2022:
1. Saturday, 3 December 2022: Mangrove Nursery & Plantation (internal)
2. Saturday, 17 December 2022: Mangrove Nursery & Plantation (public)
3. Saturday, 17 December 2022: Save the Forest: Mirror Lake (internal)