Our Business Rules Are:

Do not lose our shareholders’ money

Do not lose our health

Do not lose our temper

Do not lose our customer


Executive Chairman

Tough Times Create Strong Men, Easy Times Create Weak Men. 

Good health and good day.

The recent visit to the MEDICA Trade Show in Dusseldorf, Germany, showed us that it is no longer 'Business As Usual'. Brand strength and longevity alone do not guarantee orders and sales. ​​​​​​​

While the Top Glove name is known around the world, the deciding factors for sales today are quality, price, and solid customer service. These factors (quality, price, and customer service) are driven and delivered by people in an organisation, not machines. People operate machines. People ensure the production of gloves with acceptable quality at efficient low price, and commendable customer service.

This not specific to Top Glove or the glove industry. Today, multinationals across many industries are forced to rethink their business models and talent management. What worked for them once no longer applies in many cases now.  

Business must be humble enough to learn and improve in areas of our weaknesses We need to evolve in line with changing customer demographics and expectations, developments in global jurisdiction and regulatory requirements. Talent who are quality minded, disciplined, hands on and sengmok/alert are in great demand today.  Mistakes cost us in ways more than one, affecting not only our bottom line, but our brand and reputation as well. 

Good times usually lull businesses into complacency and challenging times serve as a reminder of what is required to sustain success. 

In the final analysis, strong leaders and captains are required to navigate strormy weathers regardless of size of the ship and the challenges faced. Leaders must be prepared to make sacrifices and adapt to the needs of the times. Sucess in never reaped without sacrifices. Businesses risk being phased out without sacrifices and positive contributors. 

As we close the year 2023, let us remember the now famous and highly relevant wisdom, "Tough times create strong men, strong men create easy times, easy times create weak men, weak men create tough times." 

Let us think positive and be grateful for the things this year taught us: purpose, resilience, sacrifice, camaraderie, and gratitude.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year. May 2024 bring us good health, success, deeper purpose, and gratitude in abundance.


Tan Sri Dr Lim Wee Chai
Executive Chairman
1st December 2023