Our Business Rules Are:

Do not lose our shareholders’ money

Do not lose our health

Do not lose our temper

Do not lose our customer


Executive Chairman

Business Lessons from Successful Countries and Their Cultures

Good health and good day.

The well respected Japanese work ethic and the rapid growth of the Chinese economy in the last 30 years have some common denominators. These two countries place strong emphasis on the honour of hard work and integrity. They also place high emphasis on precision, accuracy and attention to detail. Their cultures have zero tolerance for corruption and bribery. 

Strong cultures and thereby, formidable societies are built upon a sense of honour and integrity. A sense of honour predicates a value system that underscores good governance, order and structure that results in high quality outcomes: a value system that rewards merit and honours integrity. When this sense of honour is broken they are filled with shame. These traits are the bedrock of strong and successful cultures in societies and businesses.

If there is anything that we can learn from the many successful cultures in the world, it is that they are based on resilience, integrity, hard work and willingness to go above and beyond what is expected for the common good.

The longevity and sustainability of businesses are built on similar traits. They are founded on a culture of honour and intergrity. Strong companies are built on a sense of honour in being productive, with each employee wanting to be a positive contributor. When we go beyond the remits of what is expected of us, we earn the trust of our stakeholders: employers, colleagues, investors and customers. Trust is the bedrock of a strong and sustainable brand.

The characteristic of a positive contributor can be best understood when we closely study the success of our friends in Japan and China. Let us embrace the many positive traits of successful nations and their cultures for the betterment of our business.


Tan Sri Dr Lim Wee Chai
Executive Chairman
1st May 2023