Flagship Programme

Mangrove Nursery and Plantation at Sijangkang Mangrove & Recreational Park (SMRP)

Launched in March 2021, the Mangrove Nursery and Plantation programme at Sijangkang Mangrove Recreational Park (SMRP) is a collaborative effort by TG Foundation, the SMRP committee and Universiti Putra Malaysia's Institute of Tropical Forestry and Forest Products (UPM INTROP), aimed at supporting the conservation and protection of mangrove trees at SMRP.

Mangrover rehabilitation or restoration is the regeneration of mangrove forest ecosytems in areas where they have previously existed. Since environmental impacts are an ongoing threat, to successfully restore an ecosystem entails not only recreating its former condition, but also strengthening its capacity to adapt to change over time. With among the highest carbon densities of any tropical forest, these 'blue carbon' ecosystems can store large amounts of carbon for long periods; the protection of mangrove forest reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and supports climate change mitigation.

The villagers of Kampung Sijangkang worked to rehabilitate the mangrover forest, which was previously used as an illegal dumpsite, into a recreational park with 3 main objectives: preservation, education and recreation. Their effort saw the development of a boardwalk, signages, rest areas and other facilities in the park, with funding generated from nominal entrance fees. To sustain and ensure the success of preserving this mangrove forest, Top Glove Foundation became the first corporate partner for their sustainability programme.

Within the first year of embarking on this programme, despite the challenges of the pandemic, we managed to build two nurseries and have harvested over 1,300 mangrover propagules, or young mangrove plants.

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Below are some highlights among the several projects that we have run in recent years under the Environment Pillar.