Top Glove Foundation's Approach to Community

Top Glove Foundation's approach to Community outreach is focused on driving positive change within the underprivileged community and through welfare engagement, such as community events and financial support. The Foundation's work includes food relief work, food donations and festive celebrations.

Under the Community pillar, we run several projects as well as flagship events (Community Outreach) throughout the year. We've helped thousands of beneficiaries through initiatives such as the Healthy Ageing Programme with Klinik Kesihatan Pandamaran (KKP).

As a caring corporate citizen, we are committed to building a resilient community through our social development initiatives. Top Glove Foundation believes in improving the quality of life of the unprivileged and the needy. We are dedicated to support non profit organisations and educational institutions that share this vision.

As at FY2022, TG Foundation has:
1. Pledged more than RM31.5 million in support of 1,500 charitable organisations and NGOs.
2. Awarded a total of 130 scholarships for students to pursue their tertiary education.
3. Accomplished approximately 22,000 volunteering hours with the participation of 3,000 employees in various CSR activities in FY2022.

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Calendar of Events

Want to join us to make a difference? Check out our calendar of events and let us know if you'd like to contribute or lend a hand. For more information or to register to participate, contact: [email protected].

September 2022:
1. Saturday, 17 September 2022: Healthy Ageing Programme with Klinik Kesihatan Pandamaran (public)
2. Saturday, 17 September 2022: Packing of Red Crescent Home Care Kit (internal)

October 2022:
1. Saturday, 1 October 2022: Healthy Ageing Programme with Klinik Kesihatan Pandamaran, in conjuction with 
​​​​​​​    International Day for Older Persons (public)
2. Wednesday, 12 October 2022: Breast Cancer Awareness campaign with Corporate Health (internal)
3. Saturday, 15 October 2022: Deepavali CSR event (internal)

December 2022:
1. Saturday, 3 December 2022: Christmas CSR event (internal)
2. Saturday, 10 December 2022: Healthy Ageing Programme with Klinik Kesihatan Pandamaran (public)