As a learning organisation, Top Glove strives to create a culture of continuous learning and development. Our motto, Must Know, Must Do, Must Teach is embedded into every component of the company’s operations.

Our employees receive on-the-job coaching and training, and are engaged in professional class room development. This is to ensure they are equipped with competencies needed for their present job as well as future advancement. Besides the conventional learning approach, our training platform includes e-learning.

Training hours and training investment for FY 2021

55.49 hours

Average training hours per employee

RM 845,000

Average amount spent on training


Leadership Talk Series

With Top Glove’s aspiration to become a Forbes & Fortune Global (FG) 500 company by 2030 in mind, Group HR, Talent Development has initiated the “Leadership Talk Series” to invite key leaders from industry players to conduct sharing sessions on their best leadership and organizational practices. Through these sessions, our leaders are able to gain valuable key takeaways for them to emulate successes from these companies. ​

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Structured Packing Executive Enrichment & Development (S.P.E.E.D) Programme
Human Resources Operations Excellence Certification Programme (HROECP) ​
Top Glove Technical Skills Development (TGTSD) Programme


“SHE Is” Women Empowerment Talks​
'Say NO to Sexual Harassment and Bullying at the Workplace' Workshop
Women Empowerment Series

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Top Glove not only embraces continuous learning but also never fails to make learning fun. Understanding the need to connect learning with convenience, our Talent Development roll out digital learning in the form of bite-sized online modules and mobile learning approaches. With that, we stepped into high gear, releasing various learning modules via our Learning Management System (LMS) platform, which includes external off-the shelf module, internally developed modules, YouTube videos, TED videos and many more.