Sustainability At Top Glove

At Top Glove, creating value through sustainable practices ranks high on our corporate agenda. We have always believed in doing well by doing good and remain committed to managing our business in a way that respects and contributes positively to the environment, resources and greater community. We believe it is not a right but a privilege for us to do business in society, and count it an honor to be part of creating a better future and leaving a positive legacy for the world we work, play and live in. Not just for us but for future generations to come.

Sustainability Vision:
To be a responsible global citizen and leader in enhancing value and improving the quality of life via sustainability initiatives

Sustainability Mission:
To create long term value for our stakeholders and the environment by integrating sustainability considerations throughout our business operations and social practices
Our commitment to the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UN SDGs)

We are committed to supporting global initiatives towards a more sustainable development. Accordingly, our sustainability efforts in the economic, environmental, social and governance space are well-aligned with relevant UNSDGs to ensure we are able to continuously contribute positively to our communities, country and planet.

Key Focus Areas

We are committed to embedding best sustainability practices throughout our businesses in the 4 key focus areas: Economic, Environment, Social & Governance.

We are committed to delivering sustainable performance and generating attractive returns on investment for our shareholders.

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Conservation of the Earth’s resources in our manufacturing process and participating in "green” activities.

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Our people initiatives remain our foremost priority both in investing on the wellbeing of our people as well as the wider community.

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Top Glove is committed to upholding a good corporate governance framework that promotes fairness, transparency and accountability based on our Business Ethics of Honesty, Integrity and Transparency which have shaped our culture over the years.

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