In March 2021, Top Glove conducted a formal and comprehensive materiality assessment to identify critical ESG issues which drive our long term value creation and have a significant impact on the Company's business performance.

The assessment was led by the Sustainability Steering Group and undertaken by an independant third party to ensure objectivity and complete confidentiality.


In July 2022, Top Glove conducted a high level refreshed materiality assessment after FY2021's fomal and comprehensive assesssment in view of the transition phase which the glove industry is facing post pandemic.

The assessment was conducted by the Sustainability Steering Group and the results were externally assured by SIRIM.


A holistic approach was adopted in conducting the assessment, towards ensuring that issues identified were material to the Company's performance, thereby enabling us to effectively prioritise and allocate resources to address the issues.

For FY2023, we took the important step of conducting a materiality validation, which has been thoroughly reviewed and received approval from our Board of Directors. This validation process considered a range of internal and external factors, including:
1) External and internal stakeholder expectation
2) Peer assessment
3) Global mega trends and global risk
4) External ESG ratings requirement

​​​​​​​ After conducting a thorough review and validation process, we have identified 16 material issues that are integral to our operations. This refined list now excludes infectious diseases and indirect economic impacts as material topics. Furthermore, we have recognised GHG emissions as a vital component of our material matters for FY2023. GHG emissions are a crucial focus area for our sustainability efforts, reflecting our commitment to addressing environmental concerns and reducing our carbon footprint.





1. Ethics, Integrity & Governance

Top Glove’s unwavering reputation is grounded in its Business Ethics: Honesty, Integrity & Transparency. We promote our core values to all employees from their first day at work as earning the trust of stakeholders is of utmost importance for the future of our business. We are committed to upholding good ethics and compliance to ensure good corporate governance within the Group.

Management Approach: Top Glove demonstrates the highest standards of corporate governance, which is essential in building a foundation of credibility and integrity. We strive to implement comprehensive risk management, demonstrate good boardroom practices, instil a culture of anti-bribery, anti-corruption and good ethics & conduct.

    ​​​​​​​2. Customer Experience

    Top Glove endorses ethical business practices and established the Sales & Marketing Code of Conduct in FY2021, which covers principles of sales, marketing and advertising. The Sales & Marketing Code of Conduct ensures our employees always exhibit a level of ethical behaviour that exceeds legal requirements. In the past 4 financial years, there were no legal actions or fines related to anti-competitive behaviour and violations of anti-trust and monopoly legislation.

    Management Approach: We frequently engage with our customers to understand their needs, identify our shortfalls and new business opportunities. We define good customer satisfaction as not only entailing high quality and efficient low cost products, but also ethical business practices and robust protection of customers’ data.

      3. Product Quality & Safety

      Top Glove sees innovation and breakthroughs in processes and technology as the backbone of our business to achieve quality excellence. Continuous improvement is essential for us to stay competitive in the global market. Key strategies in improving our product quality & safety include the following:

      a.    Investing in Research & Development (R&D) and technological advancement
      b.    Implementation of ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS)
      c.    Enhancing skills and knowledge of employee
      d.    Suppliers training on product quality
      e.    Compliance with product labelling regulations

      Management Approach: We are committed to manufacturing products which meet the highest quality and safety standards. As a global healthcare product manufacturer who has customers in 195 countries, we adhere to a stringent quality assurance process, ensuring we comply with each country’s requirements.