Group Human Resources at Top Glove upholds the strategic intent to be Malaysia’s leading employer of global and diverse talents.

We strongly Inculcate a performance driven culture and reward based on meritocracy, as well as promote ownership and accountability.

In line with the objective, the Company has since 2018 invested RM6 million on the SAP SuccessFactors HR System, presented to employees as TG REACH, which consists of Performance and Goals Management module and Compensation module.

Our robust performance and goals management system is crafted to ensure our employees’ performance is assessed and appraised annually based on agreed upon goals/ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in alignment with the Company’s overall business targets.

Throughout the entire performance review period, the system provides an avenue for continuous performance updates and enables superior to track team members’ achievements, as well as provide two-way feedback.

Mid year review is also a compulsory process between employee and superior to monitor the goal progress and give coaching advice.

Towards the end of financial year, we adopt 360° performance review, whereby all staff are compulsory to provide feedback for the circle of influence, including managers, peers, and direct reports. Superior shall then appraise their subordinates’ overall performance and determine the performance rating, followed by calibration sessions conducted with department and factory heads to ensure fair ratings without biasness and favouritism.


Performance Planning
(Oct to Dec)

Performance Monitoring
(Mar to Apr)

Performance Assessment

Performance Appraisal
(Oct to Nov)

Goal Setting

  • Superior sets team goals and cascades to Employees;
  • Employee sets individual goals

Mid Year Review

Employee / Superior updates goals progress


Employee completes goals update and provide self-rating and behavioural evidence

Manager Assessment

  • Superior review the goals and 1:1 meeting with Employee
  • Superior complete assessment and provide rating

HR Calibration

Calibration session(s) to take place between GHOD / HOF with Head of Team

Superior’s Acknowledgement And Communication

Superior communicates the final calibrated rating to employee and acknowledges the Final Calibrated Rating

Employee’s Acknowledgement

Employee acknowledges the Final Calibrated Rating


Performance Review Complete


Based on the performance moderation and calibrated results, we offer competitive performance rewards for all of our employees. Our Performance Management System is structurally linked to various compensation and rewards, which incorporates both short and long term components. Employees enjoy performance incentives (PI), annual increment (AI)/ market adjustment (MA), Employee Share Option Scheme (ESOS) or Employee Share Grant Plan (ESGP), as well as contributions to a Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) Fund.

In appreciation for the work and dedication of our employees, the Company pays attractive performance incentive in every January. The quantum payable to each employee is tied to the employee’s performance and Company’s financial performance. It is well worth mentioning on how we have done it differently since 2018. While maintaining the traditional approach of paying cash for annual bonus, we introduced probably the first and only in the market, which is to offer eligible employees the alternatives to convert 50% or 100% of their performance incentives into employee stock option scheme (ESOS) for long term benefits.

Our employees also receive annual increases in their pay with a performance-based percentage raise to remain competitive with the market. We constantly look for ways to innovate our reward strategies to help connecting people to Company’s purpose. Purpose drives people and people drive business results.

Around middle of the year, Top Glove also offers performance-based share scheme entitlement, such as Employee Stock Option Scheme (ESOS) and Employee Share Grant Plan (ESGP) as long-term rewards to retain performing staff. All staff are given opportunities to acquire ownership to shares of the Company based on performance. Notably, our shares price rocketed spectacularly high in 2020 and became the second-most valuable stock on Malaysia’s equities benchmark. This has proudly helped created millionaires among employees. We strongly believe that by letting our employees share in the success of the Company, they will return the investment with greater loyalty and higher productivity. While shares scheme option is not available for the foreign workers and local workers at the lower level, ex gratia, which is more applicable to workers, is awarded to them in order to drive retention and productivity.

Over and above the mandatory Employee Provident Fund (EPF), we also offer private retirement scheme for our high achievers as an additional retirement investment scheme. The Company will contribute additional percentage on top of employee’s monthly salary with vesting period to help employees accumulate PRS savings and better prepare for retirement. It serves as a reward for retention of key talents to stay and contribute along with the Company’s growth.

In summary, one of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of Group Human Resources sets the target to reduce regrettable staff turnover rate every year. As a result of our ongoing performance management initiatives throughout the years, our regrettable turnover rate has shown positive improvement and reducing trend, recording at 5.5% FY2019, 4.7% in FY2020, and 4% in FY2021. The remarkable achievement is the sound success of how our total rewards strategies meaningfully connected our employees to the company’s goals.