We are committed to delivering sustainable economic performance and generating attractive returns on investment for our shareholders through a number of ways .


An effective and sustainable supply chain helps to conserve resources and increase value. To this end, we apply stringent but fair and transparent procurement practices in our selection of suppliers.

Please visit to https://www.topglove.com/procurement/ for more details on our procurement practices.

Our Procurement Practices to Mitigate Corruption Risks:


Conducting due diligence on all new suppliers, for which anti-corruption and bribery practices is part of the pre-qualification self-assessment criteria


Requiring completion of the Letter of Enforcement of Corporate Culture (LECC) by new suppliers upon registration and also subsequent acknowledgements twice yearly


Gift, hospitality and entertainment declaration (if purchaser is in receipt of any) in compliance with Top Glove’s No Gift Policy


Distribution of Anti-corruption badges, which available in every meeting rooms, to suppliers and visitors once a year or upon visiting as a reminder of Top Glove’s Business Ethics: Honesty, Integrity and Transparency.


Implementing a Supplier Survey that enables suppliers to rate Top Glove’s anti-corruption initiatives and purchasers’ professionalism


Suppliers are invited to participate in Top Glove’s anti-corruption-related events


Anti-corruption briefings to suppliers during our intermediary engagement event: SAP Ariba Summit


Involving various departments in selection and approval of vendor/contractor tendering.


Involving a few levels of approver in any purchase of material.


Letter of Enforcement of Top Glove’s No Gift Policy is send to visitors, suppliers, customers, contractors, bankers and business associates.


As the world largest manufacturer of gloves, we provide a wide range of products to cater different customer needs. We invest in research & development for product innovation to ensure we to deliver the consistently high quality products at an efficient low cost to our customers in line with our Business Direction. In June 2019, we also joined the green movement with the launch of biodegradable nitrile gloves.

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Customers Interest

We engage with our customers frequently to understand their requirements and ensure utmost customers’ satisfaction. Engagement channels employed include a yearly customers satisfaction survey, frequent customer visits to our office and factories as well as meet-ups during trade shows. These would enable us to gather feedback and insights from our customers with a view to improving our product quality and service delivery.

Empowerment Through Connectivity

We support relevant industry associations through active membership participation which enables us to keep abreast of the latest industry trends towards maintaining our leadeship position.

We are member of:

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