Top Glove believes that Research and Development (R&D) is a major key to mould our future path and success. We consolidate and adapt to the rapidly shifting global market while creating new trends for consumer and society. Our team has expanded from just 15 members on 2013 to 128 members as of 5th February, 2024.

In addition to ongoing innovation, Top Glove R&D also places great importance on fostering talent development. Under the Talent Development Program initiatives, TG Academy offers postgraduate scholarships for Scholars to work under collaboration projects between R&D Centre and Universities in Malaysia, and obtain their Master's or PhD degree at the same time.

Top Glove’s drive towards Innovation was evident when Top Glove was ranked No.2 under the ‘Top 20 Malaysia Patent Applicants in 2020’. We filed up to 235 patents in Malaysia since 2002. This shows our commitment to provide top products with excellent services through continuous improvement and innovation. To add on, Top Glove also bagged three (3) awards in the International Innovation Awards 2020 under the Product Category.

Even during the tough pandemic phase, Top Glove has created a jubilant atmosphere recently by winning the Clarivate South and Southeast Asia Innovation Award 2021 in Corporations category in Malaysia. It was a significant recognition given the theme of the year being “Driving Sustainable Innovation: More Critical Than Ever!”.

The Heart of Innovation

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To be a world class glove manufacturer providing top products with excellent services through continuous improvement and innovation


We are the comprehensive solution provider of leading edge products through innovative technology


Today, Top Glove has already established 9 R&D Centres across Peninsular Malaysia and South East Asia, whereby each one focuses and specialises on different areas of research development.

1. R&D Centre HQ, F25
  • R&D Headquarters
  • Analytical Services
  • Accredited Labs
4. Glove Product R&D Centre, F31
  • R&D Headquarters
  • Analytical Services
  • Accredited Labs
2. Ceramic R&D Centre, F13P
  • 3D Scanning Facilities
  • Analytical Services
  • Ceramic Research
5. Surgical Product R&D Centre, F38
  • Finessis Glove
  • Surgical Glove
  • Molecular Layer Technology
3. Engineering R&D Centre, F39DD
  • Automation
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence
6. Latex Glove R&D Centre A, F23
  • Latex Technology
  • Material Research
  • NR & Polymer Coating
7. Latex Glove and Natural Rubber R&D Centre, F7 & F16L
  • Chemical and Process Improvement
  • Natural Rubber Latex Research
  • Concentrate Latex Development
9. Vinyl Glove R&D Centre, F15
  • Coating Technology
  • Industrial Supported Gloves Research
  • Vitrile Gloves Research
8. Cleanroom Products R&D Centre, F18
  • Cleanroom Product Development
  • Glove's Surface Treatment Process Improvement
  • Static Charge Control Research


Product & Material Development


  • Next generation of surgical gloves that redefines barrier protection
  • Made from high performance synthetic elastomers, without conventional vulcanisation chemicals
  • Disinfects when triggered with middle layer of disinfecting liquid

Product & Material Development 2

Low Weight High Strength Nitrile Glove

  • Custom formulation for low weight high strength nitrile gloves
  • Outstanding comfort & barrier protection
  • Complies with ASTM D6319, EN 455
  • Certified with Category III PPE standards
  • Thinner gloves that utilise less raw materials but outperform thicker gloves

Product & Material Development 3

In House Proprietary Polymer Blend

  • Excellent donning feature is essential for user's comfort
  • We formulate our own in house proprietary polymer blend for effortless donning
  • Cater for both dry and wet conditions
  • Customize coating for different products to cater our diverse customer needs

Sustainable Tecnologies


  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable product
  • Developed as a waste reduction initiative from accumulation of disposal of this used product at its end life

Reclaim Rubber

  • Developing low temperature reclaiming process
  • Turns rejected nitrile torn gloves into value added products
  • Rubber gaskets, rubber floor mats, rubber show soles, etc
  • Saves environment by eliminating the disposal of torn nitrile gloves to the landfills

In House Chemical Additives for Cleaner Glove Manufacturing Process

  • Continuous aim for breakthrough in conventional glove manufacturing process, especially in terms of chemical usage
  • Ongoing research to eliminate or reduce usage of chemicals to produce cleaner gloves
  • Cleaner manufacturing process also contributes to better environment

Engineering & Automation



Collaborations, IP & Lab Testing Services

Intellectual Properties Filing
  • Top Glove owns more than 300 intellectual properties both locally and globally
  • Well-known brands such as Top Care®, GripPlus®, FINESSIS®, FLEXYLON®, Top Feel™, Biogreen™, Hydraplus™ and many more
Talent Development Program
  • Collaborations with universities in Malaysia
  • Provide scholarships for Master’s students
  • Job opportunity for trained talents
Engagement in Open Innovation