Following factors will be taken into account in considering dividend payment:-

Company's available cash and cash equivalents

Return on Equity and Retained Earnings of Company

Company’s projected capital expenditure and other investments plans


        FY2022 Dividend payment date: 10/1/2022

           1.2 sen per share

       Total dividend paid since 2001

        RM 7.84bil

FY2022 Dividend Payout Ratio                     


 ▪ Dividend policy of not less than 50% of PATAMI 

Financial Year Ended 31 August
Total Dividend
(RM mil)
Payout Ratio

Note: Dividend per share has been adjusted for bonus issues.

Reference is made to the above captioned.

We wish to inform that taking into consideration of the Unclaimed Moneys Act, 1965 (Amended 2002) which came into effect in January 2003, the Company is required to submit all unclaimed dividend to the Jabatan Akauntan Negara Malaysia ("JANM”) within one year from the date of payment.

As a gesture of goodwill, we would like you to have an opportunity to claim your unclaimed dividend before the submission of the said money to JANM.

Hence, please check if you have received or cleared your dividend cheque of the respective dividends declared by the Company.

Kindly write/call the following representative of Securities Services (Holdings) Sdn Bhd, the Company’s Share Registrar for the necessary arrangements immediately:


Direct Line No.

+603-2084 9161 / +603-2084 9162

Fax No.

+603-2084 9161 / +603-2084 9940


Level 7, Menara Milenium,
Jalan Damanlela,
​​​​​​​Pusat Bandar Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.


Electronic Dividend Payment or eDividend refers to the payment of cash dividends by a listed issuer to its shareholders by directly crediting the shareholders’ cash dividend entitlements into their respective bank accounts.

In tabling the Federal Budget 2010, the Prime Minister announced that all listed issuers are required to offer eDividend services to their shareholders. The Securities Commission’s subsequent press release stated that shareholders are given a one-year grace period to provide their bank account information to Bursa Malaysia Depository Sdn Bhd ("Bursa Depository”) (as the repository of such information) and that eDividend will be implemented in the third quarter of 2010.

The main objectives of implementing eDividend are, amongst others, to promote greater efficiency of the dividend payment system and to put the Malaysian market on par with practices in other regional markets in relation to receipt of dividend proceeds by shareholders.

At the same time, the move towards eDividend is a further step towards the national agenda of migrating to electronic payments as well as adherence to G-30’s recommendation on best practices of a paperless environment and zero-intervention process.


The eDividend framework will be implemented in two phases as described below:


The first phase involves the collation of bank account information from shareholders where shareholders will be able to start providing their bank account information to Bursa Depository (through their authorised depository agents/brokers) from 19 April 2010.


In the second phase, Bursa Depository will be able to provide bank account information together with the Record of Depositors to those listed issuers who need the bank account information for eDividend. As such, by 1 September 2010, listed issuers may request for the bank account information together with the Record of Depositors from Bursa Depository.



  • Faster access to your cash dividends which would be credited directly into your bank account


  • Eliminates the need to go to a bank
  • One-off provision of bank account details for all listed issuers on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad
  • Better account management with the option to consolidate the dividends from all your Central Depository System (“CDS”) accounts into one bank account
  • Eliminates the problem of misplaced, lost or expired cheques and unauthorized deposit of dividend cheques.

For those shareholders who have previously opted for direct crediting of dividend entitlement via GIRO Service with the Company, you will still need to register for eDividend to enjoy the following additional benefits:-


The convenience of a one-off registration for entitlement to eDividend from all listed issuers; and


the option to consolidate the dividends from all your CDS accounts into one bank account for better account management.


Registration for eDividend has commenced on 19 April 2010 for a period of 1 year until 18 April 2011, at no cost to the shareholders. If you register after the 1 year period, an administrative charge will be imposed.

To register for eDividend, you are required to provide to Bursa Depository through your stock broker, your bank account number and other information by completing the prescribed form. This form can be obtained in due course from your stock broker’s office where your CDS account is maintained, or downloaded from Bursa Malaysia’s website: http://www.bursamalaysia.com

You need to submit to your stock broker’s office where your CDS account is maintained, the duly completed prescribed form and the following for registration:-


Copy of identification documents i.e. NRIC, Passport, Authority Card or other acceptable identification documents. Original documents must be produced for your stock broker’s verification;


Certified true copy of the Certificate of Incorporation / Certificate of Registration]; and

Copy of your bank statement / bank savings book / details of your bank account obtained from your banks website that has been certified by your bank / copy of letter from your bank confirming your bank account particulars. For individuals, original documents must be produced for your stock broker’s verification. For corporate entities, a certified true copy is to be submitted.

If the CDS account is held in the name of a nominee, the nominee will register for the eDividend.

If you are not able to be present at your stock broker’s office to submit the prescribed form and supporting documents, please ensure that the signing of the prescribed form and the supporting documents have been witnessed by an acceptable witness specified by Bursa Depository. In this regard, an acceptable witness includes an Authorised Officer of your stock broker, a Dealer’s Representative, a notary public and an Authorised Officer of the Malaysian Embassy/High Commission.