The Top Glove Management Associate Programme (TGMAP) is a 3-year programme designed to develop ambitious and exceptional young talents into Top Glove’s future leaders. Throughout your journey with us, you will learn and understand the core aspects of the business, work closely with different teams and leaders, receive guidance from our top leaders and develop a myriad of skills that will open doors to endless possibilities.


Application will be closed as soon as vacancies are filled.

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Job Rotations and On-the Job Trainings

Work with different teams and leaders and familiarise yourself with core business functions.

Meaningful Projects

Get the opportunity to work on meaningful projects as you share your ideas and opinions.

Coaching & Mentoring

Receive guidance and support from senior leaders.

Continuous Learning & Development

Enhance fundamental technical and soft skills through our special development programmes. Receive valuable hands-on experience in core business areas.

Hear from Our Management Associates


* Experience in leading a project / student society / club in the university / at workplace (with proven certificates)

  • Fresh graduates / less than 2 years working experience
  • Minimum CGPA of 3.2 or equivalent
  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree
  • At least 2 significant leadership roles*
  • Excellent communication skills

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      When is the next intake for TGMAP? 

You may submit applications to join the TGMAP throughout the year. If the required headcount for the particular intake is fulfilled, your application will be considered for the following intake.


2.      I have yet to receive my final semester results. Can I still apply for TGMAP?

You are encouraged to apply if you have already completed your final examinations. Please upload your latest academic transcript in your application and inform us via email at [email protected].


3.      Can I apply for TGMAP if my academic background is not relevant to the tracks available?

Yes, you may still apply.


4.      Will I be bonded if I am successfully shortlisted as Management Associate?

No, Management Associate is a permanent position, which is not subject to bonding.   


5.      Where will I be based for this position?            

The location for each track varies and will be stated in the vacancy advertised on the Top Glove Career Page on the Company’s website.


6.      Can I apply more than one track?

No, applicants may apply for one track only and are advised to apply for the one most preferred.


7.      Is there any age limit?

There is no age limit. However, applicants must be fresh graduates or possess less than 2 years work experience.


8.      Can international students apply to be Management Associates?


1.      Will I have the opportunity to rotate to other departments?

Generally, you will be rotated within your track. However, this is possible, subject to management approval.


2.      How many rotations do I get?

There will usually be 3 to 5 rotations.


3.      Do I get to select preferred division for my rotations in these 3 years?

We would like you to focus on the fundamentals of business for the first few rotations. However, we do allow for some flexibility, arrangements for which may be discussed on a case by case basis.


4.      Will a job description be provided?

Yes, the work scope will be customised for the individual Management Associate and shared upon onboarding.


5.      How can I get further clarity about the track and the role?

Applicants will have the opportunity to find out more during the final interview with the hiring managers.


6.      What can I expect upon completion of the TGMAP?

Upon successful completion of the TGMAP, you are expected to undertake a managerial role and lead a team.


7.      Is it possible to complete the TGMAP in under 3 years?

Yes, if a Management Associate’s performance is consistently above expectation.

1.      Where should I submit my application?         

You may submit your application online. You will need to create a Top Glove career account and select the track you prefer to apply for.


2.      What documents am I required to submit for the application?            

Please submit your resume, SPM certificate, full academic transcript and 2 leadership certificates.


3.      What do I do if university does not provide the leadership certificates?          

You may request a referral letter from your university as proof that you have demonstrated leadership skills during your university time.


4.      I need some time to prepare the documents required. Can I submit my application first and upload the documents later?

Yes, however your application will only be processed once you have submitted all the required documents.


5.      How do I know if my application has been submitted successfully?

You will receive a notification email. Please read the email and ensure you have uploaded all documents in your Top Glove career account.


6.      I have been notified that my application has been submitted successfully. How do I know if I am shortlisted to next stage?

You will receive an email notification within 5 working days.


7.      Why did I receive an email notification that my application was rejected right after I submitted my application?

This indicates you do not currently meet the requirements for the TGMAP. You may refer to “Are You Who We're Looking For?” for a better understanding of the requirements for the program.


8.      My application as Management Associate for a particular track was rejected. Can I reapply for a different track?

You are not encouraged to reapply as the requirements are the same for all tracks. However, you are encouraged to apply for other positions at Top Glove Career Page. 


Shaping the future in Top Glove requires consistent application of innovation and creativity that goes beyond any one job, department or brand. Career opportunities await you in many areas both technically or non-technically. If you’ve got what it takes, we would like to hear from you.