Our corporate governance practices underpin the way we manage our business and support the successful delivery of our strategy. It guides our ability to operate in a way that is both legally compliant and responsible and is embedded in our day to day business operations.

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Our natural rubber gloves are biodegradable. In 2019, we launched the BioGreen Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves, which are able to degrade at least 10 times faster as compared to conventional nitrile examination gloves. Our product offerings also include Bio Based CPE Gloves and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified gloves, which contribute towards reducing your carbon footprint.

We request our suppliers to adhere to the Business Partners’ Code of Conduct, which articulates the Company’s expectations of our suppliers in terms of ESG practices. Critical suppliers are required to be assessed on ESG criteria during regular audits.

From FY2018 to FY2020, there were no incidents of non compliance with regulations concerning product safety and quality. This is disclosed in page 128 of the FY2021 Integrated Annual Report.

Top Glove enhanced its Product Streamlining to ensure proper management of products in categories such as industries, colours, and weight.

Top Glove also diversified into a different product range, and now offers face masks, hand sanitisers, and household products.

Aside from conducting supplier audits as a way to reinforce Top Glove’s business initiatives and extend best practices to suppliers, we also engage our suppliers through Supplier Town Hall sessions. In FY2020 and FY2021, we successfully held 7 sessions on topics related to social compliance and Top Glove’s Business Partners’ Code of Conduct.

We subsequently broaden our scope of coverage of the Supplier Town Hall, encompass Anti Bribery and Corruption; Risk Management; Quality Assurance; Safety & Security, among others. All of Top Glove’s active suppliers were invited to participate the town hall sessions.

We further solidified our commitment to responsible marketing through the establishment of a Sales & Marketing Code of Conduct, which includes the principles of sales, marketing and advertising.

The Company has in place a Succession Planning Policy to ensure the stability and accountability of the organization by preparing for an eventual permanent change in leadership, either planned or unplanned, so as to ensure continuity support in operation and service when the Executive Chairman, Senior Management or key business leader leave their positions.

We provide training to employees to improve their knowledge and skills. In FY2021, we have invested RM1.18 million in training and training hours is one of the Key Performance Indicators which every employee must carry.

Through investment in digitalisation, we launched the Top Glove Workers’ Learning App for our workers in Malaysia to enable our workers to perform mobile-based learning. This mobile app caters a wide range of multilingual videos, articles and assessments.

We recognise women’s contributions in the workplace and are committed to achieving a gender balanced workforce.

In FY2021, we have a total of 52% female participation in managerial position. We have also set target to ensure balanced ratio in terms of female participation in managerial position. The Company is also being recognised with the inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for the first year in 2021, for having demonstrated outstanding performance in the area of gender reporting and measures to advance gender equality in the workplace.

  • Female employees in top management position in FY2020 (Executive management & senior management): 41%
  • Percentage of female employees in a management position in the Marketing Department: 61%

Top Glove also has in place a Board Diversity Policy, in line with our belief that a diverse Board composition is an essential measure of good governance and a driver of its effectiveness. Female directors represent 38% of total Board of Directors of the Company.

To know more of our efforts in this, please refer to page 123 and 124 of our FY2021 Integrated Annual Report.

In support of creating a respectful workplace, we have improved our Prevention of Bullying Policy and Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy to ensure adequate procedures are in place.

Yes. Top Glove has a Remuneration Policy and Procedures for Directors and Senior Management, to attract, motivate, reward and retain the right talent in pursuing and drive the Company’s long term goals and ensuring business sustainability and growth.

To ensure that all employees work in a safe environment, several safety initiatives have been implemented, led by Safety Department and Committee:

  1. Zero Harm and Safety Health Emergency Preparedness Programme is an approach to heighten the occupational safety of a workplace through the implementation of safe work environment systems.
  2. Safety Health Emergency Preparedness Program’s initiative is for the all factories to have a trained First Responder and Safety Officer who will work in tandem with a 24 hour emergency response team from Top Glove Global Doctors (TGGD).

We aim to certify 100% of our factories with Occupational Health & Safety Management System (ISO 45001) by FY2025

Top Glove has a total of 150 Auxiliary Polices Top Glove’s premises including factories and hostels to safeguard safety of workers, staff and residents.

To know more about our initiatives to provide a safe workplace for employees, please click here.

As a health centric Company, we invest in managing and improving employees’ health. Top Glove has established an inhouse healthcare team comprising 42 wellness team members, including medical doctors, dentists, nutritionists and other healthcare experts.

Some of the Company’s key initiatives:

  1. Top Glove invested more than RM 300,000 for inhouse gymnasium facilities in 2016. This gym facility not only provides an array of gym equipment but also various classes, such as Zumba, yoga, cardio boxing, Bollywood dance, Kpop dance and belly dance.
  2. Employees are also provided a range of fitness benefits, including complimentary membership to gymnasium, up to 70% subsidy for swimming lessons, and 50% subsidy for fitness classes.
  3. Top Glove launched a Subsidised Healthy Vegetarian Meal Programme for all employees to promote a healthy diet.
  4. Top Glove organises weight management programmes (Mission Slim for overweight employees and Gain It Right Weight for underweight employees) for our employees to encourage them to maintain their BMI at an optimum level.

Top Glove’s community outreach programme is implemented through its charity arm, Top Glove Foundation. It undertakes outreach activities through 3 key philanthropic pillars: Community, Education and Environment. As of FY2021, the Foundation has contributed more than RM30 million for initiatives under these pillars.

Under Community pillar, the Foundation has donated to several redevelopment and facility improvement projects. These include:

  • Contribution of RM190m to support communities during the pandemic; this includes monetary donation to Malaysia Covid 19 fund; donation of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, face masks, sanitisers, and oxygen concentrator devices; as well as food aid to communities affected by the pandemic
  • Donation of 150 white canes to Yayasan Orang Buta Malaysia
  • Grocery collection, packing and distribution to 2,000 B40 families nationwide

Under Education pillar, Top Glove Foundation offers scholarships to deserving students to pursue various degree courses in local public universities. Since its establishment, it has provided over 100 Malaysians with over RM3.4 million in scholarships to pursue their higher education.

Under Environment, the Foundation has undertaken several initiatives over the years, including ‘Save the Forest Project’ and ‘Save Us (Peak Garden)’ at Setia Alam Community Forest (SACF), with the aim of upkeeping and preserving the cleanliness and wellbeing of the forest.

Besides adhering the authorities’ COVID 19 preventive SOPs, Top Glove collaborated with the Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI) for the industrial phase onsite vaccination programme.

We continuously improve our workers accommodation and have invested RM200 million for the upgrading of accommodations for 13,00 workers, which comply with Act 446. The continuous improvements to workers’ accommodations, as well as continuous engagement and health and safety awareness campaigns, are also part of the Company’s efforts to mitigate and contain the spread of the virus.

To read more about our measures to keep our workforce safe against the COVID 19 virus, please click here.