It is the provision of personalized medical care to your current/future employees, management and executives by Global Doctors Group at TGGD Medical and Dental Clinic. The Staff Health Management Programme will provide the employer to monitor closely the health status of their employee and their general well-being with the focus in preventive health care and reduction of health related expenses.

Included in the proposal of the Staff Health Management Programme, is the set-up of the onsite weekly onsite clinic, upon request. Employees of the are able to seek medical treatment and health screenings within the premise. This saves them the traveling distance to the clinics and they can resume their work upon the completion of their medical check-up.

The availability of the onsite care unit that is supported by the Staff Health Management Programme, creates the emphasis of commitment of a healthy workplace. Employees of the company will inevitably have an increase of knowledge in health awareness as they will receive improved opportunities for a healthy lifestyle. Consequently, morale, job satisfaction and motivation will gradually increase amongst the employees.

The Staff Health Management Programme pays close attention to:

  • Pre-employment health screening
  • Employee health screening
  • Executive health screening
  • Corporate wellness, health promotion and health awareness talk
  • Vaccination/ immunization profiling