Guided by the Group’s Occupational Safety and Health Policy, we place utmost importance in maintaining a safe and harmonious workplace environment for our employees, conducive for both career and personal growth. To this end, Top Glove has in place various initiatives:

Zero Harm Programme

"Zero Harm” is a conceptual approach to heighten the occupational safety of a workplace, whereby a workplace operates without exposing an individual to injury, through the implementation of safe work environment systems. The Zero Harm culture has been introduced at Top Glove as an additional initiative, over and above complying with safety and health requirements set out by the Department of Health and Safety (DOSH). With the assistance of TGGD, 20 factories have implemented the culture (with a designated first aid corner equipped with cardiac emergency, immobilisation, stabiliser and mobiliser equipment), with all Top Glove factories targeted to be part of the full Zero Harm Programme by 2020. Nevertheless, all factories have a trained First Responder and Safety Officer who will work in tandem with a 24 hour emergency response team from TGGD under the Safety Health Emergency Preparedness Programme. An ambulance located at TGGD, a 10-minute drive to Top Glove's Klang factories is also on standby to respond to any emergency.

Auxiliary Police

Top Glove is the only private company in Malaysia to have our own team of auxiliary police (or Polis Bantuan). Polis Bantuan are posted at all of Top Glove’s premises in Malaysia including factories and hostels. They frequently patrol Top Glove’s vicinity to ensure constant safety and security for employees and the surrounding community. Officers also provide additional safety for workers as they commute to and from the workplace and control traffic during peak hours.

  • A team of Top Glove’s Auxiliary police
  • An auxiliary police posted at the women’s hostel to ensure the safety and security of our employees
  • A security guard posted in front of one of Top Glove’s factories to ensure safety and security of our employees
  • Top Glove’s auxiliary police in patrol transports


We had organised several hands-on programmes for our employees to cultivate and raise the awareness that safety and health is the top priority at work. The programmes, which were conducted by Top Glove Global Doctors (TGGD) Senior Resident Doctor and Medical Assistants include:

Besides, we also collaborated with different authorities to conduct safety training, such as:

Medical Care

TGGD Medical & Dental Clinic is a partnership between Top Glove and Global Doctors. Located at Top Glove Tower, it aims to provide high quality primary care, specialist and dental services to Top Glove employees as well as the community in Setia Alam. Top Glove also has medical clinics located at our factories in Klang and Banting, to ensure fast responses in case of emergencies. As part of the staff health management programme, employees are entitled to free annual health screening and dental scaling.

Ongoing initiatives

The company’s severity and incident rate improved significantly in FY2019 compared to the previous year. We aim to continue to reduce these numbers. With this, we have in place ongoing safety initiatives, which include safety awareness talks, workshops, and demonstrations as well as safety measures taken such as 24-hour security and ensuring compliance with the country’s safety laws.

We encourage employees to declare unsafe acts and/or conditions (UAUC) to the safety department. From the UAUC statistic compilation, we can then take necessary measures to improve safety and prevent occurrence of accidents. Our past 3 years safety data is as below:


Top Glove has invested in IT security systems and the development of cybersecurity policies and procedures that comply with best practices to address the occurrence of fraud cases. In addition, we have intensified efforts to educate stakeholders on the importance of cybersecurity, to avoid cases such as "man-in-the-middle” compromises, leading to invoice fraud and monetary loss.