Guided by the following company-wide policies and guidelines, we are committed to foster sustainability in the organisation, drive changes as well as create positive impacts and values to our stakeholders and the environment.

 1. Environmental Policy
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 2. Human Rights & Ethical Conduct
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 3. Sexual Harassment Policy
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 4. Prevention of Bullying at Workplace Policy
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 5. Grievance Procedure
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 6. Social Media Policy
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 7. Occupational Safety & Health Policy
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 8. Whistleblowing Policy & Procedure
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 9. Directors' Code of Conduct and Ethics
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 10. Employee's Code of Conduct
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 11. Succession Planning Policy
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 12. Corporate Disclosure Policy
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 13. Board Diversity Policy
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 14. External Auditors Assessment Policy
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 15. Remuneration Policy
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 16. Related Party Transaction Policy
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 17. Independent Director Tenure Policy
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 18. Training Policy for Directors
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 19. Board Effectiveness Evaluation Framework
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 20. Business Partners’ Code of Conduct
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