We draw on the capabilities of 20,000 committed individuals across 7 countries and strive to nurture our diverse talent pool to ensure they reach their full potential.


We ensure we hire well-rounded talents and provide opportunities for these future leaders to flourish and contribute positively within the Group.


As a learning organization, Top Glove strives to create a culture of continuous learning and development. Our motto, Must Know, Must Do, Must Teach is embedded into every component of the company’s operations.Our employees receive on-the-job coaching and training, and are engaged in professional class room development. This is to ensure they are equipped with competencies needed for their present job as well as future advancement. Besides the conventional learning approach, our training platform includes online management and self-development online book reading, breakfast talks and educational & inspirational movie screenings on Saturdays.


Top Glove adopts a system of meritocracy where KPI’s are set with a view to promoting ownership and accountability, and performance is well-rewarded. Our compensation structure which incorporates both fixed and variable elements, as well as short and long term components (basic salary, benefits, incentives and an Employee Share Option Scheme) also gives us a competitive edge in the market.



Top Glove is privileged to draw on a diverse talent pool of 20,000 committed employees. As an equal opportunity employer, we embrace diversity in nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, abilities and cultural background towards betters serving our customer base and community. In Financial Year 2019, Top Glove hired 10 people with disabilities and recorded 0 cases of workplace discrimination/bullying/ harassment.


Ladies in the workforce

25% of our workforce comprises of Females
55% of leadership positions are held by Females


Embracing a growing multicultural talent pool

Accordingly, we welcome employment from all nationalities and races.


Further to this, we would also like to introduce to you the ethnic diversity within our Malaysian operations.

Grooming the next generation of leaders

Top Glove’s HR mission statement, "To ensure employees are performing now and prepared to perform in the future” has become increasingly relevant as we prepare the next generation of leaders who will continue to bring the company forward.