Mission & Vision

TGGD Mission

The TGGD Mission is derived from a smart partnership between responsible corporate practices and dynamic clinical management.

Our Corporate Commitments are:
  • To apply professional excellence in the operations of a premier ambulatory care centre, guided by international standards.
  • To exceed clients’ and patients’ expectations by the provision of ethical customer service in a comforting and caring environment.
  • To recognise every staff member as a valued partner who plays an important role in sustainable growth and profitability, towards the success of the centre.
  • To contribute positively to the wellness of the community that we service, through activities that promotes healthy living and prevention of environment abuse.

Our Clinical Objectives are:
  • To ensure vital clinical practice parameters of timeliness, efficiency and effectiveness are delivered to the patient with a combination of care, compassion, competence, concern, and coverage.
  • To constantly strive to achieve the highest standard of excellence and integrity in clinical practice, compliant with internationally accepted quality control and clinical audit performance standards.
  • To embrace clinical work ethics that reveres hard work, diligence and reliability – one that is defined by our productivity and not by the hours clocked.
  • To create a non-judgmental working environment that is enriched by the constant endeavour to perfect academic, clinical and technical skills - one which respects merit and values the contribution of every clinical staff.

TGGD VISION: Impacting Lives Positively

Whether we are stakeholders, patients, employees or industry-partners, TGGD is convinced whole-heartedly in our ability to improve lives, save lives and most of all – IMPACTING LIVES POSITIVELY