TGGD Provides a full range of corporate medical services aligned with the staff management programme. Corporations today have a responsibility to understand the overall health and wellbeing of the staff not only for the welfare of the employee but also the company. Below are a list of benefits that employers can immediately see when Employee health is done right:

It reduces absenteeism. A healthy employee is more present and productive. And they are less likely to be absent due to medical reasons. By taking advantage of preventative health services or treatments, employees stay positively active in the workforce

It cuts medical costs. An employee that has easy access to medical care and consultations would be able to monitor their health and will most likely be able to prevent certain major illnesses. The continual rise of medical costs would be detrimental to the employer if their employee were to suffer from any major illness, especially when preventive measures could have been taken. A good health plan not only protects against that scenario, but also promotes healthy living—regular exercise and good nutrition. Ultimately, the goal is to keep each personnel healthier, which reduces costs in the long run and also improves their quality of life.

It heightens job satisfaction. Employees feel secure from the fact that their employer cares about their well-being.

It boosts employee engagement. Anything that an employer can do to improve morale—and health benefits are definitely part of that—makes employees feels more positive about their work and their employer. This leads employees to be more engaged in other work-related activities.

It helps employers retain their best employees. A healthy employee would less likely halt their careers due to medical reasons as opposed to an unhealthy employee. There would be less disruption to the workforce and allows the employee to fulfill the rest of their potential at the work place.