19 July 2021

Why are knowledge and judgement so important?

12 July 2021

How do difficult times test our strength and capability?

05 July 2021

Why is Top Glove 5 Healthy Wells the best practice or habit for healthy living?

28 June 2021

What makes an entrepreneur suceed or fail?

21 June 2021

Why are proactive and positive leaders important?

14 June 2021

Why is meritocracy the way to advance a company or a country

07 June 2021

How can we make better decisions by communicating more effectively?

31 May 2021

Why is working well a lifelong scholarship?

24 May 2021

How long do good times last?

17 May 2021

Why must we recruit and nurture positive people and teams?

10 May 2021

Why must we work smarter, harder and faster?

03 May 2021

The Best Person Runs the Show.

26 April 2021

Business is not only what we serve,
but also how we serve.

21 April 2021

There is the right timing in everything.

19 April 2021

Do you want to be a student or a teacher?
Why not both?

12 April 2021

All business have their own risks and challenges.

05 April 2021

People tends to focus and complain the 2% of bad things and neglect the 98% of good things in life.

03 April 2021

Never assume everyone knows how your business works.