Corruption is the single greatest obstacle to economic and social development around the world. Top Glove strongly believes that companies which live by a set of good values are more likely to thrive, as they attract and retain highly ethical employees and at the same time, gain public trust.

In early 2009, the Top Glove Prevention and Anti-Corruption Committee (TGPAC) was established to uphold anti-corruption principles in the conduct of business and interactions with business partners and the Government. The Committee also aims to promote an anti-corruption mindset and instill honest and transparent practices amongst all its employees, as well as to provide an avenue for Top Glove’s employees and the public to lodge complaints of any corrupt practices in the company.

TGPAC is authorised by the Group to conduct investigations and inquiries based on its detailed procedure, called the "TGPAC Investigation Workflow”, in the event any acts of corruption or bribery are reported to them. Specific actions to be taken for those found guilty of corruption are also stipulated in the comprehensive workflow.

Top Glove employees are required to sign a pledge every year to vouch that they will not condone or be involved in any corrupt practices. Top Glove is an advocate of anti-corruption practices. New staff of all levels are required to attend compulsory training specifically focused on combating corruption. Refresher courses on this subject are also conducted to long-serving staff.

Top Glove ensures that a CTOS check is conducted on all business associates to be certain that they have good credit standing and at the same time, safeguard Top Glove from potential financial risks. Additionally, employees are required to conduct SSM search to gather corporate or financial information on business associates. All suppliers and other business associates who have financial dealings with Top Glove are also required to sign a letter on enforcement of no corruption every six months to affirm their adherence to our policy and practice of non-corruption.

Top Glove is the first private company to be certified with ISO 37001: 2016 Anti Bribery Management System. It was also among the first to sign the Corporate Integrity Pledge and Anti-Corruption Principles for Corporations by the Malaysian government in March 2011. Besides having hosted talks and participated in events with some of the notable drivers of business integrity in the country such as Transparency International and Trident Integrity, it has organised its own Top Glove Anti- Corruption Day during which all senior management signed the Top Glove Corporate Integrity Pledge.

Our anti-corruption and prevention journey is one which is ongoing. Business is becoming increasingly exposed to the many threats and dangers associated with corruption. To effectively combat corruption, it is imperative that the entire range of stakeholders involved in the business process adheres to the highest standards of integrity. Accordingly, we expect our employees, business partners, including suppliers, contractors, distributors, agents and joint venture partners to abide by the same principles in their own operational settings.

As part of our many initiatives to promote a business free from bribery and corruption, we have introduced Top Glove’s Anti Bribery & Anti Corruption Handbook. The handbook helps the company’s employees, customers, vendors and business associates to understand better Top Glove’s values of honesty, integrity and transparency and the many efforts established and implemented to deter corruption.

To view the Anti Bribery and Anti Corruption handbook: Click Here


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