• Natural Rubber Latex
  • Blue, Light Blue, Green, Black
  • Plain, Mint
Design & Features
  • High quality, pure natural rubber latex, strong and tear resistance
  • Two sizes of pre-cut dam, colour, and thickness are available to suit your individual needs
  • The dental dams are for single use only
  • Do not store dental dams where temperature may rise above
    104℉ (40℃); store them in a cool and dry place
  • Open boxes of dental dams should be shielded from exposure to
    direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting to prevent discoloration;
    dental dams should not be stored in a damp or high humid areas.
  • 5 years from the date of manufacturing

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Functional Benefits:

  • Prevent the treated area from being exposed to bacteria in saliva and oral cavity
  • Protect your tongue and gums from irritation that could occur during treatment
  • Prevent the possibility of any materials or chemicals falling into your mouth or being ingested during treatment

Quality Standards:

  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 & ISO

Dental Dam Sizes:

  • 127mm x 127mm (5 inch x 5 inch)
  • 152mm x 152mm (6 inch x 6 inch)
Dental Dam's Product Dimensions
Dimensions (mm)

127mm x 127mm (5 inch x 5 inch)
152mm x 152mm (6 inch x 6 inch)
Thickness (mm)

0.14 mm (Thin/Fine)
0.18 mm (Medium)
0.22 mm (Heavy)

Rounded Edge
Straight Cut Corner (Square cut)
Product Properties (Physical Strength)
Tensile Strength ≥24 mPa
Ultimate Elongation ≥700%
Ageing Characteristics

166 hours @ 70 ℃
Ultimate Elongation : ≥630%